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Funding Opportunities

In order to assure the future of rare disease research, training the next generation of early-stage investigators is key. Our consortium offers both fellowship and grant funding opportunities. See also the main RDCRN website for more opportunities.

FCDGC Pilot and Feasibility Grants

Opportunity Type: Pilot Grants and Other Requests for Applications

Goal: The FCDGC provides funds for projects that will exclusively focus on CDG-related science and it is meant to produce preliminary data supporting areas of research that are either new in the CDG field or new to an established investigative team. We will especially focus on projects that have the potential for high impact on CDG patient care. The scope of projects supported by this P&F award mechanism will include any step of the CDG care continuum, ranging from novel concepts in clinical management, developing novel diagnostics, as well as exploring pathomechanisms and new therapeutics (human studies) in CDG. FCDGC will value proposals that are in the high risk, high impact category. The consortium also aims to form new multidisciplinary collaborations that will enhance the integration of the techniques offered at the participating institutions that will benefit multiple investigators.

Sponsor: Frontiers in Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (FCDGC) | CDG Care

Eligibility Criteria: All basic, translational, or clinical investigators located at institutions within the United States who are eligible to apply as a Principal Investigator for NIH grants. Applications from investigators and/or institutions outside of the USA will be accepted and reviewed for funding by CDG CARE. Early-stage investigators and investigators who are new to the field of CDG are especially encouraged to apply. Investigators who have extensive research programs in CDGs are generally ineligible for funding (i.e. R01-style grants focused on CDG).

Application Due Date: 2023-01-03

Term: One Year

FCDGC Career Development Award

Opportunity Type: Education and Career Development

Goal: Provides support for career development of biochemically trained professionals who have made a commitment to patient-oriented research in the Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (CDG) and who have the potential to develop into productive preclinical investigators.

Sponsor: Frontiers in Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (FCDGC)

Eligibility Criteria: Innovative, early-stage applications addressing key knowledge gaps that are without evidence of alternate means of independent funding are encouraged.

Application Due Date: 2021-01-01

Term: One Year